Think and Grow Rich

THIS book conveys the experience of more than 500 men of great wealth, who began at scratch, with nothing to give in return for riches except THOUGHTS, IDEAS and ORGANIZED PLANS.
The book was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, after he had made his millions and retired. It was written by the man to whom Carnegie disclosed the astounding secret of his riches—the same man to whom the 500 wealthy men revealed the source of their riches.
Riches cannot always be measured in money! All who read, understand and apply this philosophy will be better prepared to attract and enjoy these higher estates which always have been and always will be denied to all except those who are ready for them.
Be prepared, therefore, when you expose yourself to the influence of this philosophy, to experience a CHANGED LIFE which may help you not only to negotiate your way through life with harmony and understanding, but also to prepare you for the accumulation of material riches in abundance.

Napolean Hill的这本书于1937年首次出版,这本书从那个时代的很多知名的富人中吸取了很多经验,包括 Andrew Carnegie(安德鲁·卡内基)、Thomas Edison(托马斯·爱迪生)和Henry Ford(亨利·福特)。

“这本书告诉你,要想变得富有,你需要具备一些思维模式。” 理财顾问Ivory Johnson这样说道,Johnson是Delancey Wealth Management的创始人。

“我们的思想是非常强大的,想法能够变成现实。” Johnson说道。

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