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Stock, bonds, cash . . . the investment mind is often programmed. The reality is that most investors think in terms of single asset classes, and allocate money to them accordingly. The unique contribution of First Principles: An Investor’s Guide to Building Bridges Across Financial Products is that, for the first time, a single unified valuation approach is available to use for all financial products. This book shows you how to focus on the dynamics of processes and interrelationships of different investment choices, providing the reader with a financial toolbox to equips any investor with the knowledge to de-construct and value any financial product, making it a must if you?re a portfolio manager or an individual investors interested in building the optimal portfolio.

本书为金融工具的分析和定价提供了一个统一的理论框架, 书中展示了如何运用独特的三角分析方法来分解和构建金融产品和工具。全书分为两大部分, 第一部分包括第1-3章, 即产品、现金流和信用, 这三章构成整体框架的基础。第二部分包括第4-6章, 作者在这一部分阐述了如何更好地对金融工具进行定价, 并构建有效的投资组合。本书仔细考察了各种投资决策的意义, 并且构建了一种框架来分析投资者和投资组合管理者如何评估各种市场机会。

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